How to create your Facebook avatar

Say goodbye to the days when you could only express your emotions on Facebook with the generic and default emojis. Last week, the social network launched avatar creation on iOS and Android.

Facebook avatar: an even more personalized experience

A bit like Snapchat’s Bitmoji, this new Facebook feature allows you to create your virtual character that you can use in comments, in Stories or on Messenger.

With this novelty, the firm of Mark Zuckerberg intends to offer an even more personalized experience and thus win back the young public, more and more seduced by TikTok.

According to Fiji Simo, the director of Facebook:

“A lot of our interactions take place online these days, which is why it is more important than ever to be able to express yourself personally on Facebook (…) With so many emotions and expressions to choose from, avatars you allow you to react and engage more authentically with family and friends through the app ”.

How to create your Facebook avatar?

It’s very simple, follow these 5 steps!

Step 1 : Open the Facebook app on your iOS or Android phone. Then press the three horizontal lines at the bottom right of your screen, then click “See more”.

2nd step : Click on “Avatars”, on “Next” then “Start”.

Step 3 : Choose a skin tone that best matches yours, then click “Next”.

Step 4 : Then change your haircut and hair color, face shape, eyes, nose, body … and customize your avatar as you wish.

Step 5 : Click on the check mark in the upper right corner of your screen once the avatar has been personalized, then on “Next” and finally “Done”.

That’s it ! Now that you’ve created your avatar, you can share it on your Facebook feed or set it as a temporary profile picture.

To view the different Avatar stickers, click on the sticker icon. If you want to change your avatar, click on the pencil icon.

Finally, you can use your avatar in your comments by simply clicking on the smiley face next to the GIF icon, then on the avatar icon at the bottom of your screen.

It’s your turn !

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