Nespresso goes double!

Very often pointed out for the environmental impact of its coffee capsules, Nespresso has taken its revenge. The brand has launched a striking new campaign and has made it known.

Nespresso has launched a range of 80% recycled aluminum coffee capsules, aluminum being one of the least well recycled packaging in France. A first then!

Nespresso’s new communication campaign is clear: it draws a line on its bad reputation regarding environmental impact and is (very) far ahead of its competitors.

To improve its image, the subsidiary of the Nestlé group has set up a circular economy policy. It does not hesitate to strengthen its campaign with consumers and increase the number of collection points.

It is even considering including other manufacturers of portioned coffee in its recycling program. And by 2021, Nespresso plans to integrate 95% recycled content into all of its machine packaging.

Another strong point: this campaign will also be relayed internationally through 7 visuals (print + digital).

Nespresso is therefore doing nothing to improve its image and get ahead of its competitors!

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