THE platform to build your digital marketing campaign?

Niri Brusa

Editorial project manager – Webmarketing & Co’m

More and more advertisers from all sectors do not hesitate to build their digital marketing campaign via Pinterest., for example, has launched a “Trend” badge campaign based on the results of Pinterest Predicts, Pinterest’s 2021 predictive report, etc.

Pinterest, an ideal platform to inspire users

Every month, more than 450 million users worldwide use Pinterest to find inspiration and discover ideas and solutions for their projects. The platform is also an excellent source of predictive information on user interests, of which 8 out of 10 forecasts proved to be correct in 2020. This also explains why the use of the “Trend” badge has increased by 85% in one year.

The example of, an interior design and interior design e-merchant, has brought its minimalist bedroom makeover project to life, with the brand’s products. To reach its audiences and digital natives, its campaign was based on the search behavior of Pinterest users. She was inspired by the “Successful Night” trend on Pinterest Predicts to revamp her bedroom and thus offer engaging and relevant content.

To boost its notoriety and develop its business, called on 9 influencers to create useful and inspiring Pins. This influencer marketing strategy and the new “Trend” badge are part of a vast promotional campaign across France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

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