the question-and-answer function is available worldwide!

Earlier this year, TikTok tested a new question-and-answer feature that would allow creators to answer questions from their fans directly. This feature is now available worldwide …

“TikTok Q&A” is available

TikTok now allows content creators to answer questions from their fans about pre-recorded and live videos. This feature works by asking viewers to mark their comment as a question. Creators can then respond to questions via a text commentary or video response.

Called “TikTok Q&A”, creators will be able to:

  • Select questions from a dedicated menu;
  • Choose to highlight them during live responses;
  • Add Q&A comments as stickers, which link back to the video where the question was originally asked.

Prior to this new feature, responding to fans was very limited. Often, after posting a video, they had questions about the content. The creators would then respond in the comments or, if the response was more specific, they would post a second video instead.

How to use it?

The “TikTok Q&A” function is a real plus since it allows creators, especially those with a lot of fans, to identify and answer the most interesting questions.

To use Q&A, just tap the Q&A icon to the right of the text entry field in comments. This feature allows you to:

  • Label their comment with the icon and the text “Asked By” followed by the username of the person asking the question. This makes it easier for creators to see when browsing a long list of comments on their video;
  • Feed the question into the creator’s new Q&A page where all questions and answers are grouped together. Users can browse this page to see all previous questions and answers (text, video or sticker) that have already been posted or add their own question;
  • Answer TikTok LIVE questions, which will make it easier for creators to view incoming questions in the stream chat from a separate panel.

As part of this launch, a Q&A profile link can be added to the Creators Profile Bio, which directs fans to the Q&A page.

How to activate the feature?

The feature is available for creator accounts, which anyone can switch to through the “Manage Account” option in settings. To activate the feature, all you have to do is:

  • Access the settings and privacy page;
  • Select Creator;
  • Click on Questions and answers;
  • Click on the button “Activate questions and answers” to activate the functionality “.

Source: TikTok

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