you may be able to read the YouTube videos directly in the news feed …

Niri Brusa

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Twitter has announced the launch of a new test on iOS to play YouTube videos directly in the news feed. Users will no longer have to exit the app to watch a video. Not bad is not it ?

YouTube videos directly into the Twitter user feed

If users click on a YouTube link shared in a tweet, they automatically exit the app and are redirected to Google’s video platform. For many users, this can be frustrating. They are interrupted when browsing their own feed, are unintentionally redirected to another platform, and have to return to the app after watching the video. But that may soon no longer be the case!

Twitter is currently testing a new feature to play YouTube videos directly in the user feed so users don’t have to exit the app. Moreover, after watching the clip, you can easily scroll.

Twitter launches other tests

Twitter said in a statement shared with The Verge that the test will be a four-week experience and available to a very small group of users “in Canada, the United States, Japan and Saudi Arabia.

Creating Youtube videos and embedding them in the news feed is Twitter’s latest test. But the social platform is already experimenting with a new flow design in which images are displayed in full size. A spaces tab and new layout options for Fleets are also currently in the testing phase.

Source: The Verge

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