Spanish illustrators: which are the most important

Spain is full of great artists. Designers, writers and yes, illustrators too. In fact, in 2019, and according to the Taschen publishing house that compiled the 100 best artists in the world, six of them were Spanish. So, We can be proud that we have great Spanish illustrators.

The problem is, unless you need to work with them, they don’t know each other. But we are going to remedy that next because we are not only going to talk about those six Spanish illustrators considered the best in the world, but other names that are beginning to sound strong and that you should not lose sight of.

Spanish illustrators: a great career in illustration

Illustration, and visual art in general, is increasingly taking center stage. Now people do not tend to waste time reading texts, but you must capture the attention of a user in just 10 seconds. If you succeed, it is a guaranteed success. Therefore, illustrators are becoming more and more important and the big brands have realized this. Oysho, Reebok, Porsche are just a few names of international brands that have used illustrators for some of their campaigns, old or new, in order to surprise.

However, you do not have to go outside of Spain to find great illustration professionals, also in our country there are Spanish illustrators who excel. And here is a tiny mention of some of the hundreds of illustrators with Spanish blood.

Paula Bonet

We start with one of the illustrators who is part of the 100 best artists in the world according to the Taschen publishing house (together with Carmen García Huertas, Dani Garretón, María Herreros, Sergio Mora and Bruno Santín).

Stands out because has managed to create his own style, without imitating anyone, although with some influence, especially from fashion (with lines that are usually seen especially when designing suits, dresses and clothes in general among designers).

Paula Bonet excels at using the scribbled lines that they use to create shadows.

His fame has allowed him to exhibit not only in Spain (Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona) but also in other countries and cities such as Berlin, Belgium, Paris, Porto, London … In addition, he works not only with a style, but also adapts to illustration in press, mural painting, scenography …

What is most striking about your work? The force that his drawings exude and the feminine and romantic vision, sometimes melancholic, of feelings.

Paula Bonet Spanish illustrators

Paula Bonet Spanish illustratorsPaula Bonet Spanish illustratorsPaula Bonet Spanish illustratorsPaula Bonet Spanish illustrators

Elena Pancorbo

Among Spanish illustrators, a name that resonates a lot is Elena Pancorbo. And this is because his illustrations seem to have a life of their own. With very simple and straightforward strokes, the illustrators highlights parts of the drawings that make whoever looks at them is enraptured and fixes only on those parts, although the rest is blurred, as if it does not matter. Thus, it only focuses on what really matters and transmits.

Elena Pancorbo Spanish illustrators

Elena Pancorbo Spanish illustratorsElena Pancorbo Spanish illustratorsElena Pancorbo Spanish illustrators

Daniel Ramos

If you prefer Spanish illustrators who use black and white, that is, who transmit through an absence of color, then you can now take a look at the work of Daniel Ramos.

This illustrator looks for inspiration in people and photos, which is why many of his works look almost like real photographs. In addition, and something that not many know, is that he learned everything he knows in a self-taught way, that is, he trained on his own and little by little he was experimenting and creating his own style.

Daniel Ramos

Daniel RamosDaniel RamosDaniel Ramos

Cristina Daura

Cristina is not that well known… for now, but she will be. And the reason is that the illustrations he makes have an original something that draws attention. We could say that he has a touch that makes all his works different, perhaps because be hooligans, surreal or simply because you don’t expect it.

Cristina Daura

Cristina DauraCristina Daura


Forever looking for a childish and adorable touch, Perhaps that is what makes Naolito’s illustrations attract so much attention, because they evoke tender, warm feelings and those that end up making you smile. And if you do not believe it, surely the illustrations that we give you as an example prove us right.




Josep Serra

One of the Spanish illustrators who have known combine retro with everyday scenes and fictional elements. The result is illustrations that attract attention and that could well be considered, many of them, as visual fables.

Josep Serra Spanish illustrators

Josep SerraJosep SerraJosep Serra


In this case, the illustrator it is characterized because all his works are in profile. Although there are some where the characters are full face, the truth is that the vast majority of their portfolio are half face.

He has worked with some important brands, such as Fnac, Privalia …



Spanish illustrators: Sara Herranz

Record your name because it is, among the many Spanish illustrators, one who is giving a lot to talk about and with whom many want to work. This illustrator from Tenerife bet on black and white drawings, with a minimal touch of color in some cases. But what stands out the most about her is the expressiveness of her drawings that, although they seem simple, in reality they are not.

Along with these drawings, the author also captures the user’s attention in phrases that make you reflect.

Sara herranz

Sara herranzSara herranz

Carmen Garcia Huerta

If before we said of Paula Bonet in terms of fashion illustration, in this case Carmen García Huerta also pulls for that style. His illustrations have caught the attention of important brands such as Loewe, El País Semanal, Woman, Ragazza or Elle.

Although his illustrations are varied, the ones that can really impress the most are those of their own creation, because they are the most impressive and, in many cases, they say more than what you see at first glance.

Carmen Garcia Huerta

Carmen Garcia HuertaCarmen Garcia Huerta

Spanish illustrators: Sergi Brosa

If you like the illustration based on manga, anime and video game concept artist, then you will be amazed by the work of Sergi Brosa. In fact, the impressive illustrations where everything is taken care of to the smallest detail stand out.

Currently, his work focuses more on the video game sector, so don’t be surprised that some of the games you have at home are made by this Spanish illustrator.

Sergi brosa

Sergi brosaSergi Brosa: Spanish illustrators

Spanish illustrators: Paqui Cazalla

This author has a distinctive streak, and it is the fact that in practically all his works the hair in the drawings is long and as if it were blowing in the wind, giving it more volume and looking like it will move at any moment.

In addition, he is great at realistic drawing, although children do not do anything bad either.

Paqui Cazalla

Paqui CazallaPaqui Cazalla

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