Butterfly body paint

If we do not say at any time that this butterfly is really a woman with her body painted, nor would you realize it. But it is so, it is the creative work of Johannes Stötter that is able to perfectly hide the human canvas that he uses in his works.

It is the most striking of the work of this body paint painter that he is capable thanks to the poses of his models in order to even be able to paint even inanimate objects such as shoes, or to merge those body paint with the environment where he places them. A job to follow and that we will show you below.

We are facing a world-renowned Italian artist for these body paint works in which he is able to hide the model he takes as a canvas. As you can see in the images, the model is already allowed to discover behind that butterfly that at first no one would have fallen that is really a woman.

This work called «the butterfly» is dedicated to her daughter Linnéa and he believes it is his best work today. The truth is that it is difficult to understand that we are facing a body paint and not even knowing it and going into details, it is difficult to find a clue for it. It is in the images of the creative process and development in which we can discover everything that is behind.

Body paint

We also leave you a video showing each of the steps carried out If you want to know more about how he has been painting the body of the model and how he has achieved that those poses have allowed him to create that «butterfly». A work full of color and in which the butterfly is perfectly painted to our surprise.

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