Studio Ghibli publishes 400 images of 8 of its most popular films

The Tale of Princess Kaguya

There is no better way to give the best of publicity to your creations than you offer these images in high resolution for your followers to use. Is what he has done Studio Ghibli days ago when 400 images of 8 were put online of his animated films.

And while we wait for the first Ghibli movie in digital format, that is in 3D, and that it will precisely be made by Miyazaki’s son, now we can have in our hands that content that will allow us to change the wallpaper of our mobile or simply our laptop.

And if today we have the possibility of download those 400 images that Studio Ghibli has arranged of 8 of his films, it seems that he will expand the number of them. That is, while we do not have the option to download a Princess Mononoke wallpaper, we may soon have it, so pay attention to the link that we are going to provide you.

Spirited Away

The images that you can download from this link were posted with the message from producer Toshio Suzuki of Ghibli: “Please use them for free with common sense in mind.” That is, we can use them but not benefit or profit from them, so stay tuned.

Poppy hill

There are currently 50 images of each of the 8 films: ‘Marnie’s Memory’, ‘Ponyo’, ‘Karigushai no Arriety’, ‘The Tale of Princess Kaguya’, ‘Poppy Hill’, ‘The Wind Rises’,’ Tales from Earthsea ‘and’ The Spirited Away ‘.

Poppy hill

A great opportunity to get hold of Special stills from those Studio Ghibli movies and so we are waiting for the new movie Aya and the Witch and from which everything is expected; also waiting for how they will be able to use 3D to continue offering magic and stories like no other.

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