Sony Alpha error

If you were attentive to Amazon Prime Day days ago, maybe you missed a camera valued at $ 13,000 and some got for less than $ 100.

In other words, we are talking about a discount 99.3% for a premium camera of the highest quality that for the lucky ones has been totally a bargain. Some chollazos from Amazon for that day in which we have been able to find very relevant offers to save us more than a few euros.

So Prime Day becomes in one of the times of the year to acquire that high-cost product, as happens with Black Friday or PcComponentes day. What has been a success is for the lucky ones who have been able to buy that high-performance camera.

Amazon Prime Day error

The error in the price was found first on the Sony Alpha a6000 and the 16-50mm batch which had been reduced to $ 94.50 instead of $ 550. But it is that some lucky person has been able to buy the Canon EF 800mm f / 5.6L IS, which usually costs $ 13,000, for less than $ 100.

They even left a comment with a “LOL” and waiting for the cancellation to be a discount of 99.3%. It is clear that someone got out of hand in excel by raising the prices of their store on Amazon.

We might think that that error would be picked up by amazon and that in the end it would not be sent, but in some cases it has been like that and it has reached the buyer to his maximum surprise.

So you know for the next Amazon Prime DayStay tuned for other offers because some can carry that crazy discount that, even if by mistake, was available to everyone. What a pity not to have seen it in these parts. Don’t miss out on one of Amazon’s best-selling products.