Take advantage of your free time with the book Destroza este diary

Smash this diary is a creative book to develop creativity

Learn to Develop creativity while you play, saints, sing, paint, have fun and go totally crazy with the help of an unconventional journal that will encourage you to bring all that to light creative potential that you carry inside. Smash This Diary will bring out the craziest version of you by using art as a tool for development of creativity.

It’s about a very creative book that will encourage you every day to write a little more and develop your skills as the best crazy artist in the creative world full of color, glitter, paint and much more.

Without a doubt the book Destroza este diary is one of the great remarkable books in this genre, casual style where the reader must interact with the book by using different tools and objects, it is an interesting way to improve that fear of creating that most adults have, that is why the newspaper can be used by adults and not only by children or adolescents.

In the image below we can see an example where they encourage us to stain our hands with paint and leave our footprints on the paper, it is a very funny way to play with the children or ourselves.

spread your hands of pure creativity

The dynamic of the diary is to do something different on each page, on one page they can ask us to cut out a collage and on another they can tell us to shower with the newspaper. In these types of books, limits do not exist, those limits are set by your mind and your desire to drive you crazy and get all that creativity that you carry inside.

Smash this journal with the creative book

To use this book you will need a large assortment of materials of crafts, I leave a small list of possible materials that you will need:

  • pencil
  • colors
  • glue
  • painting
  • Brush
  • old magazines
  • White paper
  • tail
  • glue

When you already have some materials you can get down to work and start develop all your creativity with the help of this small newspaper that we can get in any bookstore or online.

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