terry o´neil

Terry O’Neill has died at the age of 81 and he is the one who was the photographer of British celebrities back in the 60s. Among his photos you can find famous people from the world of fashion, celebrities or legendary music bands like The Beatles or The Rolling Stones.

In the Portrait Gallery of London you can find an extensive series of his works and with which one could take a walk with those 60s in which The Beatles were in full swing. Photos for the story of one of the most recognized photographers in the world.

He can be called as that photographer who was able to capture the culture of the youth of the sixties, and having the Beatles at the most important moment of their journey.

Terry O'Neill

Thus, any of his photographs become an icon of pop culture of the time and today they can be seen in art galleries and private collections. Among his celebrities we can count on David Bowie, Eric Clapton or Led Zeppelin, and we can almost say that no one was missing to pose in front of his camera.

Terry O'Neill

They also passed before his gaze actresses like Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor, and others just as famous as Frank Sinatra or Terence Stamp himself. We can almost say that if you wanted to belong to the stardom of actors, singers and more, O’Neill had to photograph you.

And so with your OBE or Order of the British Empire, delivered by Queen Elizabeth II herself, left us yesterday to the surprise of many at 81 years old. We leave you with a British photographer who spent her days in Madrid to illustrate through her camera and her photos that large number of bars that have been the watchword of the capital.