List of 100 websites

With this type of infographic we can get a better visual idea of ​​which pages are website that receives the most visits from all over the world. That is, thanks to its huge balloons we will see that Google is the queen followed by YouTube and Facebook.

A graphical representation carried out by Visual Capitalist and that quickly shows some websites that you may not have known, but that receive millions and millions of visits monthly.

We cannot ignore that we have in fourth place to the Asian «Google» with Baidu and another series of websites that attract the attention of millions. Among them, Wikipedia also stands out with its fifth place or Twitter in a surprising sixth place to surpass Instagram in its ninth place.

100 visited websites

Not missing Amazon reaching fourteenth post or the queen of adult cinema as it is pornhub. A graph that represents where the millions of people who have digitally joined the experience offered by mobiles spend their time.

As a curious point, if your website wanted to appear on this list, at least for the last position you would need about 350 million visits in a month. There is nothing to be able to choose to be one of the most visited digital spaces.

In total, the 100 largest websites have more than 206,000 million visits in a month. It was precisely in June 2019 with Google, YouTube and Facebook monopolizing those spaces and followed by Baidu and Wikipedia. It is also surprising that Yahoo continues to be so well placed.

It also stands out that it is a search engine that I officiated first place and I almost doubled in size to his two followers. That is, together Facebook and YouTube would not even add up all the visits that Google gets.

We finish by showing 10 websites where you can make your portfolio quick and easy.