A series of Australian artists have had the great idea to take a series of photographs to show the change of the seasons in 8 different locations. That is, they took a camera in hand and throughout the year they took those photographs to compose these beautiful images.

Budget Direct has been thee have found a way to combine diversity of the meteorological state and the environment in a single image with what would be the magic of photographic retouching. A series of images to better understand the change of the seasons and what changes they produce in the place.

The annual cycle of the seasons leads us to take the coat of a quilt in bed in winter, to go directly to the heat of summer with that sun that shines at noon giving all the intensity of its light.


That transition from winter to spring to move on to summer and then fall, has been captured by the eyes of these Australian artists who have given rise to all the intensity of each of those moments.


Every season has been painted with incredible contrasts, very vivid colors and magical atmospheres that create environments worth visiting at some point in our lives. There are 8 collages that you can see them all from this link.


We talk about New York Olkhoin Island in Russia, Chile, Nymphenbug Palace in Munich, Scotland with the University of Aberdeen, Plovdiv in Bulgaria, Australia and Karnataka in India.

New York

A series of locations in which to enjoy that change of environment and meteorology to give exceptional environments. This post comes to mind about a photographer who visited many parts of the world to illustrate those various doors with his camera. That special moment to give more meaning to an element of our streets that we often miss, as happens with those stations.