Where's Wally Coronavirus Edition

The Where’s Wally illustration books They have been with us since 1987 and curious is that in the last editions it even got smaller. But this time the creative proposal by Pedro Mezzini and Clay Bennet has gone even further.

And all related to this coronavirus that has confined millions all over the world and it has also done it with poor Wally. Well, rather with all those people in whom he was well at ease away from the gaze of the one who tried to look for him.

Pedro Mezzini and Clay Bennett have given Wally all the loneliness possible when illustrating those totally empty spaces in which he finds himself alone before these exceptional moments.

Where is Wally

And the truth is that it is a very sad image and that expresses what happens in certain European capitals from the south as it happens in Milan or Madrid itself. Some empty spaces that show how terrible the current moments are and that it seems that they will be more weeks than we would like.


Social distance, and that we have seen these days in Google logos and famous logos of well-known brands, is one of the ways to avoid contagion and that the coronavirus continues to spread around the world. It will not be the only time that we are going to find creative proposals these days, since the confinement of many artists will allow us to see proposals for great artists.


Anyway, we can always go on an online tour of some of the most important museums on the planet; like this list that we launched days ago and that allows us to attend large caliber online collections. Days for knowledge and learning of masters of painting. Now we meet until the next one.