The best marketing tools for creatives

Social media

«Social Media Landscape (redux)» by fredcavazza is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Do you feel that your artistic work is quite good but you cannot reach the public? Don’t you know how to handle yourself online?

In this post I will tell you about some marketing tools you can use to get the most out of your creative business.

Use of tags or hashtags

The use of labels is essential to publicize our work, because it is the way in which we make it known. They will allow us to increase interaction, build our brand, target a specific audience and a long etcetera. We can analyze profiles of influencers who do the same thing as us and see what tags they are using to be found.

Google Trends


«Jak poor? wszystkie zdj? cia z Google+ »by is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Within the creative sector, it is important to know what interests people the most. For this, we can know what type of information is most relevant at the current time by consulting Google Trends. This tool will allow us to see which searches are most popular. By analyzing them, we can modify our product (if we see that the target audience is quite scarce or if, for example, it is a type of product that is very old-fashioned) or choose the appropriate labels so that it can be found, as we have explained. previously.


Ubersuggest is another very useful tool. Used to research keywords, which will allow us to better position ourselves in search engines, through SEO.

Google analytics

Fundamental tool to analyze what we are doing wrong, because shows us data that will allow us to see how the product is reaching the public, allowing us to modify our strategy.

E – goi

Through E-goi we will be able to promote our product through e-mails, text messages, voice messages, etc.

There are so many more marketing tools that can help us build our creative business. And you, do you know any?

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