Leslie Vigil brings us one of the most creative ideas we’ve ever seen in recent years. Some cakes decorated as if they had been woven with a needle and thread. The truth is that in the first approach we make to these cakes, we get confused.

On the one hand we don’t know if they are real cakes by that thread as decoration and by another, when discovering that it is not thread, but that the artist has been able to create that sensation with her great idea. Which leads to it passing through these lines and is now applauded on social networks for its originality.

Leslie Vigil is a cake artist and that in her recent collection called «Tapestry Cakes» has received the applause of many for creating that texture that looks more like a seamstress who has taken a needle and thread to decorate it.

Decorative thread cake

The truth is that we have to get very close for now realize Vigil’s ability with cakes that are characterized by their great color and those floral sets that make them almost unique.


Any of them is a unique piece that can be the best idea for the next birthday cake what are you going to do. Although we can already tell you that you need a great skill. The best thing is that you look for a pastry friend with art for decoration and that she looks for a way to imitate the outline of the decoration.


You have Leslie’s Instagram for that you find more decorated cakes and how he has managed to create that special texture that makes them unique. And related to the thread, and this time a real one, but made of gold, go through this post to see the great talent of this artist and that ancestral Japanese technique of great detail.