The classic version of Facebook will die in September

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Until recently we have had the option to be able to go to the classic design and pass the new one from Facebook. But everything seems to change from the month of September, since we will not be able to return to the classic design according to the same company dictates.

I mean, that new design that has its detractorsLogically, when one has gotten used to the classic and has to reposition everything to get the experience of a social network in which we can find people, especially adults; and to which these radical changes usually cost more.

We say radical changes because when you get used to an interfaceAny minimal change means changing daily routines, so one in which the wall is dwarfed and a large space opens up on the right is difficult.

Apparently, for a few days from the Facebook support page you can find a new message related to the design change: «From September, everyone will go to the new design«. This message means that perhaps we can no longer choose to use the classic view as is the case today in the social network owned by Marc Zuckerberg.

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That new experience in design did not like much, and especially for appearing to be like an expanded version of the mobile one. That is to say, those wide blank spaces, the focus placed on Stories and those large images, makes one lose the vision of the wall and other aspects.

So that classic vision will disappear from the month of September. If you have someone you know who has classic eyesight, tell them to get used to the modern and new; And also by the way that you get used to the changes, since in this of the UI, it is what there is; you always have the dark mode.

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