The crab and the robot in a loving attitude in the Chicago Bulls logo

Chicago Bulls Logo

Those Chicago Bulls that with Michael Jordan became NBA Champions, this time they have not noticed an error in the design logo, and that shows us what we should never do, or at least review over and over again that design that we have to give to a client.

From social networks a user has noticed that the Chicago Bulls logo, turned upside down, seems plus a robot having a “love” relationship come in with a crab.

Yes … and at the beginning may be difficult to recognize visually, but in the image you can see the android robot with its two eyes, its little body and its two hands as if they were on top of a prostrate crab. Well, we already know that the imagination is very powerful, although in this case, tying up visual dots …

Seeing the Chicago Bulls logo in its normal form, that android does not appear at all, but the other way around, we have that iconic logo adapted perfectly for today. But woe to social networks and those millions of people who have their voice to attract attention.

It was Deniz Camp the one who from his Twitter account has sounded the alarm at this fait accompli in the love affair between android and crab. It was not Camp who first raised the alarm, since it has been others who alerted by that curious perspective given.

The most curious thing of all is that this logo He has been with us since 1966. In other words, it is surprising that no one to date has realized this gross mistake with that robot there having a good time in loving terms. We’ll see if anything happens, as opposing teams can make a good mockery of the Chicago NBA basketball team.

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