Today there will be many headlines remembering one of the greats of Spanish-language drawing, Quino. The creator of Mafalda leaves us at the age of 88 with an incredible career and that protagonist who was born from an advertisement for Mansfield appliances.

In fact, the same brand renounced the Quino’s own comics so that in 1964 recover the character to make him what he is today, one of the most loved and longed for by many.

Quino created Mafalda to take it to the Front Page newspaper and turn it into the most successful strip in the Spanish language. And we are talking about a character that his comics have been translated into more than 30 languages.


Born in July 17, 1932 in Mendoza (Argentina), and it is in that same city where he has resided until his death. A cartoonist who with his girl answered Mafalda captivated and continues to captivate millions of people.

From a humble family, his Spanish parents, from Fuengirola (Málaga)They emigrated to Argentina in the 1930s; in fact, Joaquín Lavado spoke Andalusian until he was 6 years old.


Following some anecdote referring to Mafalda, it was in 1973, with 1,928 strips on their backs, when Quino decided not to draw Mafalda again after the exhaustion he suffered with the character and the perseverance in drawing a strip for the newspaper. He went to the Country where he drew with a more social message and showing the tyranny of power.


No one could silence the voice of Mafalda in Quino nor in his future vignettes. A great loss for the drawing and a Mafalda that leaves us with Quino and those thousands of comics in which he did not leave the puppet without a head.

From here at Creativos Online we want to pay tribute with a goodbye and a hug from afar for his rebelliousness and ingenious mind and drawing with his eternal Mafalda.