XBox Series X

The big problem that we have today that social networks they are becoming, for better or for worse, a space in which to deliver both the worst criticism and the best praise. In this case, the XBox Series X is bad and with some more than cruel memes.

The XBox Series X console has been presented by Microsoft and design is getting battered at all levels by some memes that place it in the kitchen as if it were a refrigerator or as if it were the base for a living room table. The truth is that design goes a long way, so that’s what it takes these days digital.

And while if we go to XBox Series X technical specifications exceeds 4 times As seen on the Xbox One X, the design of the console leaves much to be desired.

We are talking about a monolithic design as if it were the same refrigerator or a rigid block that will bring glue. Some already comment that the PS5 will be even taller to see which of the two has the more stretched and blocky design.

Since it is a refrigerator to put it in a whole kitchen, to put it next to what the new PS5 would be like a whole refrigerator, or why not, transform it into SpongeBob with a more than funny meme.

XBox Series X

Give to imagine and to create memes that later go viral and they are even bad or good publicity for the brand. The funny thing is that many who now share those memes sooner or later will end up buying one, either this “block” design or the one that will surely have a more than risky design with the PS5. Digital days in which memes say everything or almost everything.

And let’s not talk about what has fallen to the design of the Tesla pickup.