Working from home with LEGo

The cute LEGO figures have something fun and endearing linked forever. It is that endearing what now ties us to know that LEGO guide to work from home or what is called teleworking.

A very particular guide that will get you to draw a smile on your face. The LEGO dolls used as if we were dressed up in those moments of the day when we take the laptop and start doing our jobs.

A step by step guide as if out of the IKEA instruction guide; by the way, don’t miss these guides for the little ones in the IKEA house so they can build fortifications with furniture. That it will allow us to work more comfortably and know how to take better advantage of that time we have from home working.

The Guide It goes from how we have to dress at home with that suit and that tie as well as well groomed, while we can afford to go with the underwear below, as long as we do not forget to get up when we enter a video call on ZOOM; don’t miss your virtual funds.

Another of the guides is sitting well in the chairRather, it is a type of office to keep the back straight, and place the elbows well so that our hands go to the perpendicular of 90 degrees. A series of tips that best illustrate the LEGO figures.

Or of course, that decoration that must exist on our work table; as long as we have space, since not everyone has those holes to place a table in their house suddenly. Be that as it may, a great e ingenious idea from LEGO to make working from home more bearable.