The funniest posters of the National Parks of America

National Park posters

An illustrator had the great idea to use Google My Business 1-star reviews received by National Parks in America to title your illustrations.

Yes, those reviews that any of us can put in the establishments that we visit in our day to day, are the central axis of the artistic work of this artist. But for more, hinri has taken the 1-star ones, which result in some very funny illustrations.

Amber Share is the artist who has had the great idea to take those reviews and turn them into those National Parks illustrations that are often highly admired for their content.

Yosemite Poster

His goal was mainly create 62 posters of the National Parks of America. The only thing I wanted to give it a twist. And there’s no better way than to do it by reading the 1-star reviews those 62 Parks have received from Google Maps.

Grand canyon poster

He has taken those comments at face value and used them on those posters. The result is a line with the review, for example with “There are bugs”, and the drawing or illustration for the poster. If to that «there are bugs», we add «and they will bite you in your face», we already have the funny illustration for the poster.

Now we take that concept to the rest of the posters, and we have a great variety of them who are able to draw a big smile of happiness on our face for the guaranteed laughs.

Park poster

At Yosemite National Park we have ‘Trees block view, and there are too many gray rocks. Total and another guaranteed laugh. The Grand Canyon National Park: “A hole, a very, very big hole.” And so we can go to the rest. You can go to her Instagram account to see the artist and the rest of the posters.

The interesting thing about this proposal is that transform that negative side of a user’s opinion, and that is often subject to their emotional state, in a fun and entertaining poster that perfectly identifies the place and the National Park.

We leave you the posters of the Madrid City Council when Carmena was there and they are very creative and original.

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