The truth usually hurts a lot, and that’s where this is great Time magazine cover showing the stark reality of our planet. We can keep looking the other way until one day we can no longer turn back.

Our planet is going at a rate and we go to another damaging our environment as shown in that excellently visualized graphic on the cover of this magazine so that it is clear how crude our world is.

And just as we have to be forced to wear a mask, We will also be forced to change certain habits as natural as it was before a simple hug in the street or a scream when we called a colleague.

Time magazine wanted show with the lines the increasing rise in temperatures, CO2 emissions or how the sea level is constantly rising without it seems that there is a limit at the moment. It cannot be shown more clearly with a harsh reality that this magazine shows and that leaves no room for uncertainty.


There is the data. There is no more to say. The Time’s cover has been painted by artist and scientist Jill Pelto, who is used to using scientific data in his works. And although he himself says that the reality of that cover is very harsh, there is data that shows hope.

A positive data is the consumption of renewable energy that is on the rise and that it should take up much of the rest in a matter of years if we want this planet to be habitable enough for future generations. Just as we have that CO2 emissions figure that projects emissions that could fall in the coming years.

A the harsh reality that Time shows us and to which we have to be awake and being aware of it. We leave you with the Pantone climate change colors.