McDonalds has worked on an advertising campaign, which almost has the name of being a hypnosis therapy with which we stay glued to the screen watching those captivating animations.

Has partnered with TBWA / Paris and the 3D animator Matthieu Braccini to produce a series of GIFs animated. Those GIFs, animated, each one of them, are capable of leaving you anchored in your site while you look carefully as they are repeated infinitely.

Matthie Braccini has been the in charge of making those refreshing GIF animations of some of the company’s food dishes and symbols. The main ingredients of some of their hamburgers are present, as is the case with that strip of bacon that spreads to the delight of the viewer.

Or how those McMuffins are prepared from a line production from a fictitious factory. How those muffins unfold themselves on a toaster and how those endless bacon strips stretch out.


Everything brings us before a sight hypnotic from those McDonalds ingredients that they are capable of leaving you in silence while you recover the memory about some of the visits you have made to their restaurants; Lately, the fast food company has been lavishing itself with the most daring advertising campaigns that break concepts, such as what happened with the potato chips.

You have the opportunity to learn about how Braccini He has created each of his GIFs from his page on Behance and thus, by the way, follow him, since we are facing one of those animation artists with enough creativity to inspire us on a daily basis. You will also find some of the GIFs that comprise the video that we have shared and that you can download to share on networks and those messaging apps with which we communicate daily.