Clear the references of a multitude of fruits with something sexual and carnal. The capacity for visual expression that these bananas, strawberries, peaches and other fruits have are the reference for the advertising video that Swisse Me has created.

An interesting proposal and that does not catch us with the changed footSince each of the fruits that appear in the video, plus those actions with or without the fingers, are more than clear. An obvious way to express carnal desires and how our own body can react to them.

When fruit is full of juices and fluids, Swisse Me has titled this video FOODPORN or (Food Porn). Come on, the references are more than clear for a video that produces a lot of hunger with that fruit and those games plus all the meaty that entails in the pressure exerted by skilled fingers.

Erotic fruit

A very sensual slow motion in which you can witness each of those details so that later in our mind the lower instincts and our skin bristles. With a light that focuses on the exact places, Swisse Me has created an interesting advertisement for Mark & ​​Spencer and that will surely not leave anyone indifferent; at least from our side it has been like that.

In fact this advertising only can be seen from nine at night for the obvious references to the sensuality of the bodies and the instinct that arises from that strawberry or that juice that arises from squeezing the fingers well. When food becomes the most sensual and erotic with those provocative images.

That let’s not forget the design for the trophy given for the movies of the year according to Pornhub, but in another category.