The logos of the NBA teams with Disney characters

Boston Celtics

Well who was going to say that Disney characters would look so good for each of the NBA teams. And it is that seeing Mickey Mouse with the Boston Celtics, that great team of Larry Bird, Parish and company is a great moment.

It has been a graphic designer who has created a ambitious series of NBA team logos to celebrate the sport’s return to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. What better way to celebrate with this series of simply wonderful logos.

A series of logos with Disney characters in which each one has a job behind to be able to be delighted. We have the Chicago Bulls of the great Michael Jordan, the Washington Wizards and the Orlando Magic as a great example of how those Disney characters can be used to replace their traditional pets.

NBA and Disney team logos

The Los Angeles Lakers feature Mickey Mouse silhouette, the Golden State Warriors with the Disney World logo, or the Charlotte Hornets with the cute Dumbo for a huge series of logos of those NBA teams.

Phoebe Williams has shared each of them from his Instagram account so you don’t miss any and you can even follow his work as a designer. It has even managed to encourage many fans to make custom shirts with Disney characters and can be used by fans of each of these NBA teams.

Of course, we have loved this way of bringing back a sport as spectacular as basketball that is practiced in the NBA. And it won’t be the first time Disney characters have been used in numerous projects and who have passed through these lines; how are these Disney masks that are about to fall.

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