Harry Potter mask

Okay, not that it changes into Harry Potter As is, but with that wand, as shown in the video, the mask goes from black to the Marauder map. He sells them in his online web store and get ready because they are totally magical.

Stephanie Hook is the artist behind these divine masks that have the ability to transform as we can intuit from the video as it shows. Learn about the magic behind these masks based on the world of Hogwarts.

Hook has been able to create a magical mask that is able to go from black to that Marauder map of the harry potter world. The funny thing is that right now your page is not available on Etsy; maybe it has something to do with property rights.

Face masks

In a video posted on TikTok, Hook appears wearing a simple black mask, but it slowly transforms into an illustration of the Marauder map from the Harry Potter franchise. That first Hook video has earned more than 400,000 likes and has led her to put this mask on sale in her online store.

At the moment, apart from the product page in your online store with Shopify, it is also out of stock, so it will take a bit of patience to get one.

Hook explains that it is a mask in which he spends 17 hours to make one due to the pigments that are activated by heat and thus give that magic touch to it. Worst of all, this magical mask based on the worlds of Harry Potter will be limited, so keep an eye on their store to try and get one.