Mona Lisa smiling

The vast majority of models of classical painters’ paintings they usually have a sad expression drawn on their faces. This time we have tried to know what those faces would be like with a beautiful smile that illustrated them.

And the truth is that the thing it changes a lot in some paintings where the models seem to go to a funeral rather than pose before one of those famous classical painters of his time.

The intention behind that sadness and solemnity it also has to do with the time the work was painted. Many of these works also show characters of the time who were not the most “smiling” and always tried to show that seriousness with more than obvious purposes.


koty2 is a website in which a series of classic paintings are shown where faces are retouched by Artificial Intelligence. And the truth is that the result is more than striking to give a twist to those works.


Something is lost in each of the works when smiling and it may have its various reasons. One of them is how contagious the smile itself is and how capable it is of transforming the palest and saddest faces of any painter.

Another reason is the Artificial Intelligence that has put a smile a little “lie” and he has not been able to carry part of the artistic proposal or concept of the same painting; It looks like everyone is posing for a photo to go out on Instagram.


You can access the Instagram account from the site to see the rest of the figures. Some who smile little except for the Mona Lisa, and that is one of the few that half smile. Curious that it is one of the few, so we leave you with this website to transform your face.