The Duolingo’s owl mascot is the inspiration for her new source that is capable of capturing her personality, and thus taking her to those memes and publicity that from now on we will see on its different channels.

Duolingo is a language learning app that thanks to learning by playing has become an icon for millions of people around the world. Its “gamification” has allowed complicated languages can be learned with less effort.

It is Johnson Banks and Fontsmith who have worked together to create their own font called Feather bold. A typeface that was born to be entertaining and to capture that sympathy that Duolingo’s mascot, his owl, possesses.


And it is that in the first tests Banks realized that color and style Owl illustration works in the new typeface, so they went ahead to bring it in and make it the source for this language learning app.

Duolingo infographic

With the help of Fontsmith, Banks was able to optimize the logo and improve the design of the Feather font to add some very distinctive design points. We talk about that vertical protrusion curved in the «g» and that denotes that cute point of the Duolingo mascot.


A curve that we can see in some letters like “d” or “l”. A feature with which you want to specify and link the user of your apps. And if we take a look at how that typography looks in your infographic, the truth is that it looks good.

A quick way to hint how a typeface can serve as branding brand and thus denote the most characteristic points of a service to learn languages. Something similar to what IKEA has done with a special fountain.