The products of Apple are highly sought after by designers, although this is finally changing thanks to alternatives such as Microsoft’s with its Surface. These are the features to expect from Apple’s new MacBook Pro.

We would talk about a bigger screen and a product that would be more expensive; something to which we are getting used to with the American brand increasing its range of products while falling in popularity and sales.

The 16-inch MacBook Pro would be willing to be shown in the month of October this year and as we know from a recent report that came from Taiwan. The LCD device will be the largest MacBook Pro since 2012 at 17 inches.


What complicates the thing is its higher price and from what is said, it could go over $ 3,000 easily. So many begin to wonder if the specifications really reach those prices when you can find equal alternatives at a lower cost.

The apple has a lot of pull, but people begin to open their eyes as is happening with their phones and how many are going to Samsung. Regarding the specifications of the MacBook Pro, it would arrive with the ninth or tenth generation of Intel chips and with 32GB of RAM.

We’ll see if they bring us any surprises, but seen in previous editions of his keynotes, it does not seem that they are going to get off the donkey. It seems more that as they lose sales they increase the price of their products to compensate. There will come a time when they will stretch the rope so much that it breaks.

If we know that one of the thinking minds and that has been in charge of the design of many of its products have left the company, we can go thinking that they will try to stretch the brand as much as they can.