The Polite Type

The Polite Type is a new font characterized by “dressing” or “disguising” or “hiding” certain words bad sounding like this: *****. Take a little imagination and you will understand perhaps what the word is.

The genius behind this font idea is for comment, since the source is responsible for “hiding” under a kind of blur those bad words. From its own website you can try them to see how it hides them and creates the feeling that we do not read it, but in our mind it sounds as is.

The Polite Type is a font created by the Finnish technology company TietoEVRY and who is in charge of correcting or hiding those words that sometimes come out to us, but which are what they are.

But there is an intention behind creating this typeface and has to do with cyber bullying that young people receive on social networks. It is on the same website as The Polite Type where you can read: «It is an open source source that rewrites harmful words, to replace them with more inclusive ones. We want to create the space for important discussions on how to make the world a safer, more inclusive place for everyone.

Sans blur

In fact, “You are ugly” becomes “You are not traditionally beautiful”, while expressions like ****** are totally blurred so that they are not understood; Although what was said, they blur but in us it appears what word it is. Perhaps it is the best of this typeface that you have available from your website.

This source incorporates, apart from that new unfocused symbol, OpenType font (OTF) that you can recognize and find a more suitable substitute for offensive words and phrases in a bookstore that works both offline and online. We encourage you to download it. We will see how this source progresses that can give a lot of itself. And if you can’t pull this quirky fountain from IKEA.