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Today we find that in many countries the tax rate for tampons or other intimate hygiene products such as intimate towels continues to be very high.

For example, in Germany this type of product has a tax rate of 19% compared to that of books which is 7%. An important difference, really! These types of rates are paid on luxury items, so why is this rate applied to these types of products that are a necessity?

It is for this reason that The Female Company, a company dedicated to the sale of organic tampons and other similar products, decided to sell them in book format, thus developing The Tampon Book, translated into our language, The Book of Tampons, what they call a book against tax discrimination, That’s right.

The Tampon Book

The Tampon Book contains not only 15 organic buffers but also has 46 pages with very interesting stories about menstruation. Because this is one of the goals of its creators, breaking taboos about it.

But as if this were not enough, inside its pages are illustrated by the Artist Ana Curbelo and the illustrator Alicia Läuger, with images that aim to convey the daily life of women during menstruation, accompanied by texts. Also, true to its principles, the book is printed on ecological paper with the support of Scolz & Friends Berlin.

Inside of The Tampon Book

These types of products show us how you can be very original and at the same time very demanding and the most important thing is that you fight and claim for a just cause.

If you want, you can buy a copy of this book through its website. A great idea!

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