Tokyo logo concept

It all leads us to the logo concept created by Daren Newman for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The one made by this designer has been praised as very elegant and that it perfectly captures the spirit of the games that will take place in the Japanese city next year.

Newman used his accounts social media to show the game with the shapes of the rings so that ‘2020’ can be read. Incidentally, he even has the luxury of filling in one of the rings with red to show the red sun disk with which the flag of Japan is identified.

All in one logo for identify the country where it is held and in which the rings are not missing apart from the year. Nor have its critics been lacking, as if saying that for a poster it would not be bad, but as an official logo it is far from what could be expected.

Official logo

The curious thing about the case is that Newman, seeing the great acceptance that he had on the one hand plus the criticism on the other, dropped a message in which indicates that you did not expect your logo received so many messages, if not the other way around. Let it remain among the ocean of messages that remain on those social networks.

A designer who has been overwhelmed for the great reception of its logo and that it is still managing all those messages received on its different social channels. An opportunity to make yourself known thanks to social networks and how they can operate to make someone known by becoming trends on sites like Reddit or Instagram.

The creator of the official logo was Asao Tokolo, so if you see one of the two hanging around your networks, you can already know who to attribute it to. Who knows if Newman’s is starting to move more than Tokolo’s.

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