The Type Champions Awards are the new Monotype awards

Type Champions Award

The typography is more than important today in landing pages, blogs and more, but it is not recognized enough for all that it really gives us when we come to a website. That first imprint is usually given by the letter and that is what will encourage us to start reading paragraph after paragraph.

For it Monotype has created its own awards with which companies that bet on improving their sources or creating their own that identifies the brand will be rewarded. We can remember from these days ago the one that Twitch has improved to make it more than perfect.

We talk about the Type Champions Award and they come to recognize those brands that emphasize the fonts that we will later see in countless sites or even in their advertising campaigns.

I mean, that Monotype is in charge of creating that community of creatives that will help us to identify brands and agencies that are experts in improving their fonts.

And the truth is that there are fonts that set trends, apart from being linked to a certain brand. It’s seeing that source, and we already know who to link to. This is where the work of those design artists who try to put those curves in the letters comes in so that we quickly recognize Duolingo with its new typeface.

Monotype allows any designer, showing his work with a brand, to enter within the nominations and win one of the prizes. Although you don’t really have to show that relationship to participate in these typeface awards.

We have even the web page that we can approach to know the awards and the date on which they will be held. Here you have the web. A more than interesting and important proposal to shed light on the best designers and brands that put the tick on the fonts.

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