Matthew Shlian is an artist who calls himself the “paper engineer”. The reason for this is more than evident when we witness some of his works. Especially for the great level of meticulousness carried out to almost be works of engineering.

That is to say, we could almost talk about their jobs they seem made with some machine that he is capable of reaching that degree of perfection. And for nothing, all by hand and with his effort and determination to call himself the «paper engineer».

Shlian is a master of the art of paper and for his great ability to mosaic formation that are repeated constantly. This constancy form unique works that take us to another level in the gradients he uses.


To work use a good variety of different papers. His way of working begins with a predetermined idea of ​​what he wants to do to finally carry it out with the materials chosen to begin folding them.


In other words, it leaves room for improvisation according to progresses in the arithmetic of those folds that is giving the main idea. It also does not fall short in sources of inspiration ranging from photovoltaic cell design, Islamic mosaic patterns to architecture from different cultures.


That inspiration is able to fuse it to create patterns of paper work that thanks to its geometry is capable of giving rise to different finishes. A work on paper full of details and in which we can get lost if we look for a defect in the forms.


We recommend you go through his Instagram so that understand that it also works with primary colors to leave nothing aside. Don’t miss another artist’s work of a whale on paper.