The masks look like they are going to become part of our wardrobe with which we are falling. And those of Ýrúrarí may fit into being the least conventional we have seen in recent weeks.

A interesting proposal of this artist that works those masks with strange shapes and that can surprise anyone. It was during these weeks of confinement that the artist created these masks in which we have a common denominator: mouths and tongues.

If yesterday we stayed surprised with work on toast of this Japanese artist, now we have another who, thanks to that time at home, has come up with some very creative ideas.


They are so bizarre that they have got to go viral for some to ask for them. Perhaps they are not so much for these hot months, but for the fall and winter they seem to be perfect.


Its objective has really been to bring another way of understanding the design of a mask that covers your mouth and nose and thus avoid contagion; or at least prevent us from infecting others. A measure more than important to prevent this damn virus from spreading that has us still at home in these parts. At least in the capital of Spain it is like that.

The interesting thing about his proposal is that almost all elements that make up these curious masks have been made by herself. He took his sewing machine and has not stopped creating these masks that if you are looking for something different, you have found the perfect place.

We have your Instagram to follow your work and your website to learn more about your concerns. A great creative initiative, a bit bizarre yes, but that is very timely in these days of covid-19.