Designers Instagram

Instagram is one of the biggest sources of inspiration today and these 4 designers will serve you to receive that creative daily food with which to fill in those ideas that we are looking for for jobs and more.

4 designers we can put together in different categories and that will scare you to make lettering, look for crazy ideas or those bright colors with which to fill certain decorative spaces.

Seb lester

A designer who emphasizes a high quality lettering and with which we can daily find the necessary inspiration for our own designs. Attention to his videos by hand in which he teaches us the art of handwriting to do more than excellent work.

The D

An illustrator 3D and animation director who from his Instagram account It puts us in front of those urban illustrations full of color and life to bring out the most indiscreet side possible. It is not far behind in its themes and is capable of giving a twist to the old Nintendo controller.


Gianluca serves as the contrast to the previous two to address artistic works that are characterized by the use of black in most of them, although that red and other intense primary colors are not lacking either. He plays a lot with geometry and typography is another of his passions, as you can see on his Instagram profile.


We finally stayed with the artist Leta Sobierajski and his world full of color and irreverent creations of all kinds. She plays a lot with fashion and her wardrobes, very frivolous, do not shy away from showing her own world to invade us with her madness and creativity. You must not miss the daily appointment of his posts on Instagram and thus get wet with his innate creativity. Do not miss these websites to find inspiration.