Adobe audio trends in 2021

Last year, specifically in the summer, Adobe announced Adobe Stock Audio and today presented the audio trends for 2021 for the first time. A year 2020 that promoted the creation of content at all levels and that for this the American company served a curated collection of music and audio tracks free of copyright.

We already sent you that great news from Adobe for provide quality audio content to add audio tracks or soundtracks to the videos made through your Creative Cloud suite; Just as days ago, we learned from Adobe itself the visual trends of 2021.

They are two powerful agencies dedicated to audio, Epidemic Sound and Jamendo, which drive that with Adobe Stock Audio we have quality content and that Adobe now releases the audio trends for 2021.

It has included them in three trends:

  • Global Rhythms, and that represent all those music related to the social justice, equality and authentic representation. A trend closely linked to the global village that today is music with a mixture of styles, genres and artists from all over the world.
  • Electronic Spectrum: put the accent on digital and electronic that stands out as a winner to promote all kinds of musical genres; just as it does not neglect the analog.
  • Music for podcasts: this type of content is becoming more and more trending and Adobe wants to make it see with this wave of music or perfect soundtrack for that background you are looking for in a podcast. All the rhythm or that relaxing music to set any topic that is talked about.

You can go to Adobe Stock Audio to enjoy 10 free tracks and thus assess whether it is worth enjoying of this great service from a company fully dedicated to tools to generate the best content in the entire multimedia sphere.