These are some of the drawings inspired by Joker

Joaquin Phoenix has become the new Joker in a movie that is grabbing the attention of the general public and the media. And how could it be otherwise, the fans, many designers, have contributed to show their perspective on the character played by Phoenix.

A Joker that unmasks some psychological features of this society and that has given rise to different perspectives on it. This is perhaps his greatest achievement and to see once again a Joaquin Phoenix working perfectly in acting before this character who was taken to his maximum by Ledger at the time.

This last weekend the film was released worldwide and has already raised $ 250 million in revenue in its early days. He has also managed to divide critics and viewers with his portrait of a man and his mental illness.

Whether one likes the movie or not, the truth is that we are viewing a good variety of jobs of all kinds of designers leaving their mark on that Joker brought to the screen by the great actor Joaquin Phoenix.

A film that takes to another dimension what has always been the Joker as the antagonist to Batman and in which we do not even have the star appearance. Luckily we are left with a character in which his most human part is shown to us, although in that mental something to which many flee from the fear of doing their own introspection to see what is inside one.

Be that as it may, these are some of the most striking works taking as source of inspiration the protagonist of the Joker. A film that will run for weeks and that we practically recommend that you go see it.

Don’t miss out on Bruce Timm, the illustrator in charge of character design from the mythical series of the 90s Batman.

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