Is left over just one year for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics to begin and now we know what the medals will be that the gold, silver and bronze winners will take home.

And the truth is that each of them it could perfectly be the best prize, since they look great with a modern design and that does not lack that olympic spirit so epic for many.

We must remember that the medals of the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016 were made from 30 percent of recycled materials. This time Tokyo has wanted to go a step further and they are 100% recycled materials to be on par with everything that falls from the environment.

Tokyo 2020

And we talk about how Japan has used this motive to ask all Japanese to donate their electronic devices so that its materials have been used for the manufacture and manufacture of all the gold, silver and bronze medals that will be given in those days of the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

A Tokyo 2020, of which we even know an alternative logo that the truth that has attracted attention, and that its medals have designed by Junichi Kawanishi of SIGNSPLAN. They have been chosen from 400 participants for the medal design competition.

A design based on brilliance and the light with polished stones surrounded of overlapping rings. A medal design that stands out at first glance and that both the gold and silver medals have 550 grams of recycled silver, while the gold ones are bathed with 450 grams of recycled gold.

The bronze ones have 450 grams of red brass, and that it is 95% copper and 5% zinc, all recycled. In total, 5,000 medals will be made to be awarded to the Olympic winners of each of the disciplines that will compete in Tokyo 2020.