Botanic Loop

From the perspective that our gaze gives us, we miss a whole world that is there waiting for some of the photographers who have won a award at the 2020 Macro Photography Awards take a great photo.

It is this photograph that allows us enjoy all those “worlds” that are in our sight but we didn’t even go deep into them. Unless, at least, thanks to the perspective of these photos that are very stimulating that allow us to see features of nature simply impressive for their beauty.

Those “microcosms” that can be produced in the same stem of a leaf or in the same to see how the pistils of a flower reproduce. The “International Garden Photographer Of The Year” has announced its winners for Macro Photography.


These macro photos show moments the beauty of some gardens around the planet always very tiny, and in which we can find flowers, leaves or worms of a thousand colors and shapes.

This year’s winner is Bruno Militelli from Sao Paulo, Brazil, with his photography «Botanical Loop», a black and white of the passion fruit fruit. Second and third prizes went to Anne Macintyre for her “Mountains of Tulip Petals” and Zhang Ye Fei for her “Shepherd’s Purse Seed”.

Zhang Ye

From this link you can find all the winners and all the participants of these Macro photography awards and surely any of his photographs will leave you surprised; do not miss these others of this publication either.

A macro photography that leaves no one indifferent and that with the winners we can get an idea of ​​the perspective to which one is presented.