Aya cat

Several days have passed and the truth is that they have been very confused after discovering how the first animated film filmed by Studio Ghibli completely in 3D.

And they have even received criticism from all sides by comparing those images as if they were taken from a PS2. Although it is true that we will have to wait to see if they are final images; what is not understood is that they had been published in previous stages.

A Studio Ghibli movie that doesn’t look like Studio Ghibli. This phrase can perfectly express what many feel after seeing those first images of Aya and the Witch.

Aya and the witch

A 3D animated film directed by Goro Miyazaki, son of Hayao Miyazaki himself, and which will be released on the Japanese television channel NHK this winter. Based on the book by Diana Wynie Jones, in which an orphan girl is adopted by a witch; in fact, you can find out more about this movie from another piece of news that we released recently.

And in a time when social media dominate opinion, These published images of Aya and the Witch have not liked anything according to the reception of them. Obviously the animation will have to be seen, since one of the greatest gifts of Studio Ghibli has been that ability to animate like nobody else with its own style.

Aya and the witch

So for our part we are not going to join in giving an opinion at first until we see Aya and the Witch moving. A new film from this animation studio that is the first step taken in CGI and that will be able to lay the foundations for them to join this type of technology; and always when in their entirety his films have gone through the most traditional way of animation.