Tacos family

This family use the colored chalk to paint the adventures that they travel daily on these days of confinement. While the COVID-19 quarantine can lead to ideas freezing, the most witty ones also emerge.

A family in Atlanta has used your imagination and creativity to take colored chalk and so your children can have a great time with those adventures that they imagine every day. A great proposal, as long as we have a canvas to be able to paint these creative comics on the road.

The truth is that with the perspective used they have been able to generate funny and funny scenes that allow us to have a pleasant time just imagining how they were painted.

Chalk family fishing

Abbey Burns Tucker started a series of photos in her Facebook page showing a variety of moments very funny, in which their daughters were placed in such a way that they have given those scenes painted on the asphalt.

Chalk family slide

What started as a funny idea, attracted the eye and thousands of likes from many contacts and people on Facebook to get to these lines because of how creative and funny they are.

Trampoline chalks

The idea came from one of the largest his daughters who drew some blue balloons on the asphalt of your house. He took his camera in hand, since he loves photography, and captured that moment. Thus they began to devise other drawings with more photographs to take them to Facebook and receive thousands of likes.

We have very pleasant moments and in which the daughters take all the positions possible as if they were jumping off a trampoline, catching a fish off a jetty, or going up a slide where they will be thrown. Creative ideas that you have available from your Facebook page. Related to the family we leave you these creative photos fused with the past.