This rCrocs shoe brand logo design It comes from pearls to show how to capture the essence of the original logo and thus know how to take it to the new one. This is not to say that they were right, but it does serve to illustrate how important it is to know how to capture the essence of a brand.

In this case it is Crocs and his shoes with the main character as a crocodile and that smile that is capable of generating a smile on our face. Is that aspect carefree Crocs which has perfectly taken the new logo, although with a more modern touch.

We went from that crocodile in white with that carefree smile and that pose in the crocodile’s own image but with its silhouette and giving the appearance of being a shoe. The idea itself is a good one, but perhaps it strays too far from the brand’s own original aesthetic.

In fact, it is so obvious about shoes that it can be passed, since sometimes what is evident in a brand that is known quite well, can even be counterproductive. The surprising thing is that this redesign has not been commissioned by the same brand, but has been designer Stephen Kelleher the one who carried it out.

For many it improves the original and in fact the highlight of the silhouette of the shoe with the four blank circles hits the nail so that the crocodile appears and even its carefree appearance is not lost.

As other designers say, sometimes, and as has happened with the logo of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, sometimes redesign carried out by a designer Without the permission of the brand, it improves what an agency can achieve; with the consequent high payment that is made for it.