Twitter ghost

Gal Shir has been the designer behind the drawing of this ghost that has gotten thousands and thousands of retweets in a matter of days. An adorable ghost with a smile that reveals the great capabilities one can count on when designing from a screen like the iPad and Procreate.

Procreate is the app used to design that ghost and that it artist details with ease what is creating that kind of shadow. A design of a simple ghost, but one that hits the spot of what millions of people are looking for, a character that emphasizes from the first second.

Gal Shir with his more than 70,000 followerss has been able to become quite a trend these days. With Halloween just around the corner, this artist has taken a video to show how he draws this ghost with his iPad and the great Procreate program.

Procreate is right now the app for digital illustration apps and if Adobe has launched Fresco, it is to try to make it very difficult for this program; we will see how everything ends, because it seems that Procreate has taken a lot of advantage.

In the video you can contemplate how with a line draw the shape of the ghost, begins to shade the different folds and ends up drawing the two eyes and the smile of the laughing ghost. A drawing that shows in several strokes, and with a well-established idea of ​​what to do, the great tool that is the iPad + ProCreate duo itself.

A tweet that has been retweeted more than 30,000 times and that has gotten more than 78,000 likes. For this reason, we encourage you to be constant and very creative with these two tools that together can be the springboard for your life as an artist.