Google has always been very special for many reasons. And this time it is a user who turns their doodle on the search page and that is the most ingenious way of showing anyone one of the main measures that can be taken to stop the spread of COVID-19.

We hardly have to say anything because the doodle explains everything. Simply commenting that we have to be a few meters away from other individuals when we are forced to do so, this reddit user explains it in the most ingenious way possible by distancing the letters that make up his logo.

A doodle that communicates quickly one of the most effective measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus all over the world. The social distancing necessary to prevent someone who is asymptomatic from infecting someone who has not yet been in contact with anyone with COVID-19.


That is, even if you have no symptoms, it is vital that you socially distance yourself from anyone that is not in the scope of your home. We talk about not going to see anyone at home, staying away from the replenishment in the supermarket, or avoiding anyone you meet on the street when you go anywhere.

That social distancing is very clear in the great idea of this user and that could perfectly be taken by the big G to attract the attention of anyone who has not yet taken seriously what is happening on the planet.

The history of google doodles It has been a long time and to celebrate the birth of an eminent person in some scientific or art field, the guys from Google take the search engine to put it. We will see if they surprise us in these days and weeks with one. If you want to meet the artist who takes care of them.