There are dozens of pages that show us how to create the best interface user, but what about the worst? It is not that we want to teach its bases, but from a more didactic point of view, teaching how not to make a user interface can be more than interesting.

This is what he has done a digital agency called Bagaar and that thanks to this idea has managed to capture the attention of many. That is, thanks to teaching how an interface should never be made, they are capturing many visits to their website.

And is that nor is it necessary to enter into matter to explain some of the more technical basics. We simply go to User Inyerface and we start to play with the different visual elements that we can see.


The logo, that typography of the year of when dinosaurs still existed on the face of the earth and that FAB with a “No” that doesn’t even work. By touching this website a bit, you will be able to know in the best possible way how you do not have to build a user interface that works.

The only thing that works on that site is the direct link to the agency page and that we have located in the lower left. It’s clickable, and it worksHow easy is it, huh? And it is that the link that we have to the next page and that underline that usually indicates that we have another link that we can visit does not work.

A great idea in itself and a daring proposal for this digital agency that as we have said previously, with this web nonsense, it is capable of attracting visitors. You know, it is not necessary to create the hyper mega user interface guide to attract the public. Rather, it takes a bit of creativity. Something that we can see in Microsoft’s new advertising campaign with its Windows 1.0.