Original Baby Yoda

Baby Yoda was all trending last year when the new Disney series was released and that we all know from The Mandalorian. Intense and interesting this new TV series that brought with it that adorable Baby Yoda that everyone has wanted to have his doll in real.

Now we know how could this baby yoda have been and the truth is that it was not like that, because the look is not the same. Surely it would not have been a trend and this more “chubby” Baby Yoda would have remained an anecdote. At least that face of bread that they put in Lucasfilm and that in the end was not the final sketch chosen.

Baby Yoda’s New Concept Art I was not meant to make it “adorable” and “endearing”. Those “watery” eyes with those little ears and that charming face appears much more “fat” and “rude” in a Yoda who seems more like the ugly distant cousin of the one we have today in The Mandalorian

Baby Yoda concept

That direction I could have taken Disney would have been disastrousAlthough without references to this adorable Baby Yoda, it would not have produced such an impact and we would have paid more attention to the other characters in the great Disney series; at least it has that thing different from the movies that in recent years have been openly criticized by their fans.

Other concepts

That concept of Yoda with those double chins and ears one of them almost covers his entire face, the truth is that compared to the other there is no difference. In fact, the original has caused such an impact that many artists have drawn their own Baby Yoda because of the inspiration that it has been.

Be that as it may, we keep the original and that concept remains in a vague character who likes to eat a lot and we don’t like it. Let’s be clear.