Apple logo invitation

In question In almost ten days we will have the keynote in which the new iPhone 11 will be presented and now we have in our hands this new colorful logo that has launched the most unlikely speculations.

Those of Cupertino have to be at the top, since they have several manufacturers that are throwing themselves at themIf you have not already done so, how are Samsung and Huawei? It is on the invitation where you can see the new full-color version of the iconic Apple logo.

On it you can see the lines written “For innovation only”. It has not been the first time that speculation has surfaced again about Apple’s return to its rainbow logo. Those colors seen in the logo could also indicate the colors of each of the models, as some say from their Twitter accounts.


From what is known about the new iPhone 11, we could expect three models: the 11, the 11 Pro and the 11 Pro Max. A way of presenting models that they have copied from the other two brands and that has already become something fixed for each annual keynote of these phones.

A brand that no longer has one of its greatest geniuses in its ranks, and that hopes that this year it will also be one of the most attractive for its photography. It would have a triple wide-angle camera just like we have seen in the spectacular Samsung Note10 + and S10 + and the same ones from the Chinese brand Huawei.

We stay with the invitation full color Apple brand and that logo that is all elegance and creativity in its design. We will never stop saying the importance of branding for this American brand of telephones and that it continues to be a benchmark in the world of telephony.