This is the logo of the 2024 Paris Olympics

Paris 2024

The Olympic flame of the next 2024 Olympics in Paris perhaps the logo has been over-braking for this important event for the world of sport.

In the logo displayed for the Olympic in almost 4 yearsThe use of the flame in its design has left too much room for criticism and ridicule to emerge from the network of networks.

Almost like that of, Is it a beauty salon? An advertisement for a contraceptive? And so the tweets with the funniest occurrences have started to rain. And it is true that if you look at the flame logo, you can find lips, a very French haircut; That does not mean that this was the intention of the firm for the Parisian capital, but they have passed.

This gold design is all about “Art Deco” and the style of when Paris was the last time the venue for the Olympics. We talk about the year 1924 And you can understand a little more why this return to that unmistakable style.

One of the details of the logo ad is that for the first time It will serve both the Olympics and the Paralympics. The logo website uses the words to represent the two halves of the same project, symbolized by a single emblem and sharing the same idea that sport changes lives.

Logo retweets have gone everywhere. We have even seen the similarities to the flame of Tinder, the popular dating app. Or how the flame looks almost like the haircut worn by Lisa Simpson. That is to say, there are many comparisons and we do not know if what you really wanted to look for is this. That the new logo for the Paris 2024 Olympics spread rapidly; We do not forget everything that happened with the Tokyo 2020 logo.

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